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Pre School

Activities are based on individual ability and not age.
All children may perform all activities through out the day differentiated by outcome, i.e. all children attempt painting, sticking, play dough, home corner, computer etc. with different results according to age and ability.

Resources are at child height so they are accessible to the children. There is a balance between child initiated play and adult directed activities. Some tasks vary according to ability such as mark making, letter work, number work, and phonic work.


The curriculum is based on the three Primary Areas of the Foundation Stage of your child's education. Towards the end of their pre-school time all six areas are monitored. This stage continues through to their reception year. We pass on accurate records to the primary schools so that the transition to school will allow your child's education to continue without disruption. More documentation is available from Louise, Lucia or Natalie if you want more in depth information.

We follow the children's interest but also have topics to stimulate language and play  please check notice board for current topics.

Each day all pupils will be offered a variety of activities:



  • painting, sticking, gluing, chalking, colouring, etc. to gain Artistic, imaginative, tactile, manual skills and social skills.
  • Bricks, stickle bricks, Duplo, jigsaws, play tools etc. to gain construction skills, spatial awareness, manual skills, sharing and imagination
  • Home corner, puppets, "small world" play e.g. dolls, farms, airports, cars, dressing-up to gain imaginative and social skills as well as language skills


  • Early number tasks- number matching on line, number writing (tracing), number recognition, set work, matching skills (same as, different), simple mapping tasks
  • Concrete number tasks - counting, sorting jobs (e.g. bottle tops, dominoes, dice, number games)
  • Additional tasks include - size, shape, colour, time, money


  • Children's speech development is closely monitored and any difficulties are discussed with the parents/carers
  • Books and writing/ drawing equipment are always available. We read stories and enjoy singing every day
  • Early phonic work is undertaken with children who are willing.


Outdoor play is very important. There is an all weather play area, 2 covered patios and access to the cottage grounds for ball games, hide and seek, and tree climbing.

Fantastic nursery my son's been going for two years. The nursery the staff are all so amazing, my son loves his teachers. They're so reliable and will do their best to try and help in any possible way.

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